Archaeology and Conservation in Ironbridge

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Richard Hayman, Wendy Horton, Shelley White (1999)


Ironbridge symbolises the processes of the Industrial Revolution possibly more than anywhere else. This volume studies six of the key archaeological monuments. These comprise three ironworks (Coalbrookdale Company’s Upper Works and the Madeley Wood Company’s Bedlam and Blists Hill furnaces) which spearheaded technological advancements in iron smelting, the Coalbrookdale Company’s Upper Forge (a rare survival from wrought iron manufacture), Blists Hill Brick and Tile Works and the Hay Inclined Way. The latter linked two sections of the canal and was one of the most ingenious and admired technological achievements of its day. The book is a fascinating and detailed guide to the archaeological record of this World Heritage Site and is essential for anyone with an interest in Industrial Archaeology.

CBA Research Report 123

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