Aspects of Anglo-Scandinavian York

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Gillian Fellows-Jensen, Allan R. Hall, Harry Kenward, Terry P. O’Connor, Dominic Tweddle, Ailsa J, Mainman, Nicola S. H. Rogers, Richard A. Hall, David Rollason, Mark A. S. Blackburn, David Parsons (2004)


The research programme that followed the major `Viking Dig’ at 16-22 Coppergate, York, is virtually complete and published in previous volumes of The Archaeology of York series. The ten chapters in this book, each written by a specialist, place the Coppergate discoveries within the wider context of Viking Yorvik whilst demonstrating `how far the study of Anglo-Scandinavian York has progressed in the last quarter century’ since the `Viking Dig’. Contents: A historiographical introduction to Anglo-Scandinavian York (R A Hall) ; Anglo-Scandinavian York: the evidence of historical sources (David Rollason) ; The coinage of Scandinavian York (Mark Blackburn) ; The inscriptions of Viking-Age York (David N Parsons) ; The Anglo-Scandinavian street-names of York (Gillian Fellows-Jensen) ; Settling people in their environment: plant and animal remains from Anglo-Scandinavian York (Allan Hall, Harry Kenward) ; Animal bones from Anglo-Scandinavian York (T P O’Connor) ; Art in pre-Conquest York (Dominic Tweddle) ; Craft and economy in Anglo-Scandinavian York (Ailsa Mainman, Nicola Rogers) ; The topography of Anglo-Scandinavian York (R A Hall) .

Archaeology of York volume 8/4

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