British Archaeology – Back Issue 108 (Sep/Oct 2009)


COLLECTING LONDON’S FORGOTTEN STORIES – 200 years ago it would have been thieves, scavengers   and beggars. Today its archaeologists.

Excavating a 9000 year old house (very rare)

Uncovering a medieval moat at a ruined home

Seeking Charles Darwin, worms and a mosaic

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In This Issue:

News – Mesolithic house, Roman graves and industrial slipware kiln

Letters – The next witch bottle story starts here; plus maritime extra

Further Education – Richard Lee asks how much longer will it continue?

The Big Dig – Penny Dransart cleans a moat at Fetternear

Down by the riverside – Lorna Richardson looks for history in the Thames muds

ROF Featherstone – What did archaeologists find at cold war ordnance factory ?

Science – Sebastian Payne considers a surprising new dating technique

Dartmoor grows over – Tom Greeves bemoans the archaeological impact of gorse

Darwin’s greatest worms – Matthew Law reveals Charles Darwin, the archaeologist

Digging for pioneers – The Parker brothers are celebrated by Paul Everill

“They look old to me” – Good old days? Kevin Leahy recalls some grave issues

Mick’s Travels – Mick Aston goes west to Tiree. And more

On the web – How to get involved in archaeology, and watching dry paint

In view – Greg Bailey scans the airwaves

Books – Doggerland, Vindolanda and higher education

Briefing – The British Archaeology guide to British archaeology

CBA Correspondent – Mike Heyworth extols training opportunities

My archaeology – Ed Vaizey, shadow arts minister, stands on Hadrian’s Wall