British Archaeology – Back Issue 110 (Jan/Feb 2010)


Bluehenge, Bog Bodies, Books, Excavations..and free music!

Testing a new Bronze Age ale

Mapping music in Liverpool

The first archaeology on television

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In This Issue

News – Bronze age ale and grave flowers, and entire Roman lantern

Letters – Over-hyped hoard, alabaster tomb and Silbury myths

Bluehenge – What the excavators’ really found by the river Avon

Musical landscapes – Know your Picket from your Pivvy, with free music tracks

The Big Dig: A hillfort at Mellor – John Hearle describes a £1m project that began with a photo

Science – Sebastian Payne asks what cremation burials can tell us

The peat men – Isabella Mulhall reports on some brutal iron age killings

The Scottish Cemetery – Tom Addyman has been clearing weeds in Kolkata

Mick’s Travels – Mick Aston visits Orkney and Jon Cannon reviews the sites

On the web – Christmas shopping, and a busy site assembled at speed

In view – Greg Bailey is impressed by Open University broadcasting

Books – War at Plugstreet and Culloden, and interviews with diggers

Briefing – Exhibitions, conferences, CBA contacts and notices

CBA correspondent – Looking back at a year of historic building cases

My archaeology – David Attenborough remembers the early days of television

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