Cataractonium: Roman Catterick and its Hinterland Part 2

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Pete Wilson (2002)

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The second and final volume to publish the results of excavations and research carried out at Roman Catterick, North Yorkshire, (1958-1997) focuses on the impressive assemblage of small finds which raise questions about the nature of the settlement. Primarily a well illustrated catalogue, supported by expert discussions on each find type, the volume will prove a useful tool for Romano-British archaeologists and researchers and will aid both the identification and interpretation of a wide range of objects. The finds comprise coins, iron and non-ferrous decorative and functional items, metalworking tools and debris, jet and shale objects, worked bone and antler, a ceramic mask and lamps, glass vessels, beads, intaglios and gemstones, querns and millstones, architectural and decorative stonework, figurines, wall plaster, leather, human bone and other environmental remains. The volume includes an overview of the assemblage with a discussion of its cultural and industrial implications.

CBA Research Report 129