Europe’s Lost World: The Rediscovery of Doggerland


Vincent Gaffney, Simon Fitch, and David Smith (2009)


This excellent book, which deserves a wide readership, reports on the work of the North Sea Palaeolandscapes Project, which has  been researching the fascinating lost landscape of Doggerland  which until after the end of the last Ice Age connected Britain to the continent in the North Sea area. It aims to make the findings available to a general readership, and show just how impressive  they have been, with nearly 23,000km2 mapped. The techniques used to reconstruct the landscape are explained, and conclusions and  speculation about  the climate and vegetation of the area in the Mesolithic offered. It also tells the story of the rediscovery of Doggerland, and the Mesolithic landscape more generally, from the pioneering work  of Clement Reid in the nineteenth century, to the research of  Grahame Clark and Bryony Coles in the twentieth. It’s also worth  pointing out just how well produced and illustrated the book is,  and one can only hope that it can spark public interest in a comparatively little known phase of our prehistory.

CBA Research Report 160

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