Excavations at Caldicot, Gwent: Bronze Age Palaeochannels in the Lower Nedern Valley

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Nigel Nayling and Astrid Caseldine (1997)


The site is located on the alluviated floodplain of the river Nedern, a small tributary of the Seven Estuary close to the Gwent levels. Excavation began during the construction of a lake. Extensive botanical remains indicate a mixed deciduous forest in the Neolithic, but the river had been constrained and a weir built during the early Bronze age. A great deal of worked wood was discovered from the middle Bronze Age including a masive plank thought to have come from a sewn plank boat. In the early Iron age a bridge, possibly another weir, was constructed. Almost 5000 pieces of wood were examined in detail, including woodworking debris and a range of artefacts. The faunal assemblage is one of the largest from Bronze Age Wales.

CBA Research Report 108

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