Excavations at Hamwic: Vol 1

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A D Morton (1992)

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Contains reports on seventy-three sites investigated over a thirty-seven year period and provides the first broad synthesis of the evidence since the advent of large, long-term excavations. Some reference to work undertaken up to 1987 is made where relevant and finds information is included only where it reflects on the interpretation of a site or its features. Those sites considered of relatively greater `importance’ appear in the main text, with the remainder on microfiche. Opening notes discuss variations on the name `Hamwic’ and introduce the available evidence, from seventeenth century documentary sources through to modernexcavation results. A synthesis of this evidence then provides an outline of the development and extent of the settlement, street layout, properties, cemeteries, churches, industry, trade, the waterfront, the status of Hamwic and later occupation evidence.

CBA Research Report 84