The Archaeology of Roman London, volume 2: Early Development of Roman London west of the Walbrook

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Dominic Perring, S. P. Roskams, and J. A. Allen (1991)


This report describes first and second century buildings and occupation on the western of the two hills on which Roman London was built (on sites in Newgate St, Watling Court, Milk St, Well Court and Ironmonger Lane). Pre-Boudiccan occupation was found at one site, but most began early in the Flavian period; buildings were predominatly timber and wattle and daub, with the first stone buldings in the second century; a destruction level associated with the Hadrianic fire was evident on all sites; after the second century the area seems to have been in decline. The report discusses the layout of the buildings and of streets in this part of the city. A structures report; no finds.

CBA Research Report 70

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