The Jewish Burial Ground at Jewbury


J. M. Lilley, G. Stroud, Don Brothwell, and M. H. Williamson (1994)

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The excavations carried out in 1982-3 of the late 12th-13th century cemetery at Jewbury, York, are of particular imporatnce as they represent the only large-scale archaeological investigation of a medieval Jewish cemetery in England. This report introduces the historical background to the medieval Jewish community in York, and gives a full account of the site and archaeological excavations. Interpretation of the archaeological evidence is then presented, followed by treatment of the material remains from nearly 500 graves, and detailed anthropological and pathological analyses of the cemetery population. The report concludes with catalogues for the human remains and the coffin fittings and other finds, together with large fold-out plans of the site. Its results, together with concluding essays, provide important information on the Jewish medieval community in York and England.

Archaeology of York volume 12/3

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