War Art: Murals and Graffiti – Military Life, Power and Subversion


John Schofield, Wayne D Cockroft, Danielle Devlin, and Roger J C Thomas (2006)


This book focuses on the previously unexplored area of modern military wall art in Britain – ranging from Second World War prisoner of war camp murals to the graffiti of conflict in Northern Ireland.

The authors define the scope of military wall art, describe the historical and wider contexts, its form, meaning and significance, as well as the conservation dilemmas that these images present. Examples of wall art are mostly World War II and post-World War II, with Cold War examples highlighting the cultural differences between NATO and the Warsaw Pact, and within NATO between British and American service traditions, and between military operations and the protest movement. The emphasis throughout is on diversity – using striking visual images to express this archaeology of modern warfare. The book is full-colour throughout.

CBA Research Report 147

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