Our Changing Coast: A Survey of the Intertidal Archaeology of Langstone Harbour, Hampshire

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Michael J. Allen and‎ Julie Gardiner (2000)

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The Langstone Harbour Archaeological Survey Project was founded to undertake a detailed investigation of a large, shallow marine inlet on the southern coast of England. This volume outlines the results of work carried out between 1993 and 1998 when a broad range of inter-disciplinary investigative techniques were employed: fieldwalking, GPS survey, auger survey, limited excavations, underwater geophysical survey and excavation. A history of the physical development of the harbour as well as the populations that lived in the vicinity and exploited its resources, is given, from the earliest evidence in the Mesolithic and Neolithic, to the Bronze Age Urnfield cemetery, salt production in the Roman period, through to more recent changes and ecological and environmental threats to the survival of this area.

CBA Research Report 124