Wood & Woodworking in Anglo-Scandinavian & Medieval York


Carole A. Morris (2000)


The latest fascicule from the York Archaeological Trust presents over 1,500 wooden objects and woodworking implements recovered from excavations around Coppergate. Roman and non-Roman material was recovered, but the majority of items came from tenement plots dating from the 9th to 15th centuries. The huge variety of objects, grouped by type, mainly comprise small portable, domestic and utilitarian artefacts and the waste production from manufacture, but also include wooden building accessories, such as shingles, and items reworked from ship timbers. Possibly the most significant group of objects is the small spindle-turned cups and their associated waste production, published here in great detail. Each find is catalogued along with details about the practical use of the object and the nature of the wood itself. Reference is made to material from the only other comparable site, Viking Dublin, and from other sites in Britain and northern Europe.

Archaeology of York volume 17/13

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